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When you leave the doctor’s office, you may face a serious problem: the high cost of the drugs.

Recommended medicine may not always be the lowest cost option. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there.

Even more problems arise when you are recommended a long-term treatment, months or years in a row. Not every person can afford to regularly buy expensive medications at any nearby pharmacy.

High prices result in reduced access to medicines, especially for people with low incomes, since they simply cannot afford treatment.


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Surveys conducted in the US and other countries of the world have shown huge cost differences of well-known brands. If you live in a country with high income levels, most likely the price of branded drugs will be very high.

There are a number of reasons why this happens. But we will not waste your time to discuss them in this article. Just remember that prices for brand drugs can change over time and vary, depending on the country of distribution.

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Unlike the brand, prices for generics fall very quickly. Their cost is usually less than half the price of brand name drugs.

Many generic versions of prescription meds are truly affordable, especially when generics are produced by several companies.

You do not have to worry about the safety of generics. Each of them must be approved before going on sale.

The US FDA, European Medical Agency and other government regulatory agencies evaluate the safety of generic drugs by looking at:

  • Side effects
  • How they’re manufactured
  • Results of clinical trials

Be sure that generics work no worse and no better than branded drugs, but they are much cheaper. They have the same efficacy and safety profile.

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