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What is Adderall?

Adderall is a mixed drug between Amphetamine and Dextroamphetaime ingredients that influence the way the central nervous system works by stimulating it. It does so by affecting the chemicals in the brain as well as the nerves which can cause hyperactivity.

Patients using Adderall are experiencing great results thanks to the drug’s unique formula which is carefully prepared for the most effective results. This drug is meant for those suffering from ADHD or narcolepsy and should always be used according to a professional’s instruction.

Buying and using Adderall

If you intend to buy Adderall you should know that this type of drug is available only with a prescription to prove that you need it. Either you buy it online or from local Pharma stores, a medical prescription from your physician will be needed. No matter from which place you buy Adderall, always make sure the seller is a licensed one with all the approvals necesary, that way you will be 100% sure that the product you buy is not a fake product.

Using Adderall requires a medical exam in advance as well as a background check for possible allergies, heart problems or liver conditions. These are standard requirements for all patients faced with using Adderal and are very important in establishing the right treatment.

Using Adderall will provide greater concentration, memory improvement and a reduced anxiety feeling. These are the main advantages of using Adderall if needed. It is a reliable drug with fast effect on the designated conditions.

Indications and dosage

Just like any similar drug, buy Adderall only after you have your doctor;s approval and always use it according to the doctor instructions. You can buy Adderall in two types of forms:

  • Film coated tablets
  • extended release capsules

No matter the form or type you decide to buy Adderall, keep in mind that exceeding the maximum daily dosage my cause harmful side effects. There are few parameters which can determine the right dosage. The age, the response to the drug, the general health condition as well as the type of disease which affects the user.

For children, the dosage for a complete day my vary from 2,5mg to 10mg while the dosage for adults and children aged more than 16 years, it may vary from 5mg up.

For a more precise dosage recommendation, always seek medical guidance before starting your treatment with Adderall.

Take Adderall with water, with or without food. The optimal period when you can administrate this drug is in the morning but in some cases, the doctor might recommend you other time spans for you to take your pills.

Contraindications and side effects

Patients using this drug might need to abstain from driving during treatment and from drinking alcohol. It’s highly recommended that, in order to avoid the side effects, the treatment with this product to be conducted precisely like the doctor ordered.

Among the side effects, although they are very rare on patients who follow the treatment according with the instructions, some may encounter:

  • light head aches
  • decrease of appetite
  • indigestion
  • sleep disturbance

Among the side effects which are considered to by serious and more severe, some may encounter mania, aggression, excitability and anxiety. Seek medical guidance as soon as possible in case of any trace of side effect and reduce the daily dose until your doctor tells you otherwise.

Missed dose and storage

In case of a missed dose takes the missed dose as soon as you remember but not later than 4 hours after the initial hour. In such case, simply proceed with taking the next dose when the time comes. Do not double the dose to compensate a missed one, this may lead to unwanted side effects or overdose. Seek emergency help in case of an overdose and try to drink as much water as possible in order to help dilute the active ingredients in your blood stream.

Buy Adderall only from licensed sellers and make sure the pack is sealed when purchased. Store it in cool and dry places, away from children or animals. Don not dispose the product in clean water and always make sure the product’s expiry date is clearly visible and not exceeded.