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What is Butalbital and what is its purpose?

Butalbital or also known as Acetaminophen, is a generic pain reliever and fever reducer. It helps those using it to better endure the symptoms of the cold and the symptoms of the muscular pain. It is a main player in the Barbiturates family with great effect and optimal results on most of the patient using it.
It works by interacting with the nerves in the central system which are responsible with the pain sensors. It influences the connection between the harmed area and the brain, influencing the way we feel pain.

Indications and safe dosage

If you intend to buy Butalbital for own personal use, you should take into consideration of medical exam in advance or at least a medical consult, to better determine if Butalbital is the medication you really need. Such action can ease your treatment and lower any trace of side effects risks. However, buy Butalbital without a prescription, from online pharma stores or offline pharmacies, but only if the seller is authorized and provide the proper information regarding the drug, the treatment and all the implications.

If you are using MAO inhibitors, it is highly recommended not to take Butalbital until 14 days will pass since the last MAO administration.

The normal dose of Butalbital can vary from person to person, depending on the level of affection and general health. However, 1-2 capsules ever 4 hours should be the right dosage for any type of user, unless the doctor recommends otherwise. Because this drug may cause addiction if used on a long term, it is highly indicated to stop taking Butalbital if more than 15 consecutive days of treatment have passed.

Contraindications and side effects

Ask your doctor if you can buy Butalbital for own treatment in case you are pregnant or lactating. Also, if you suffer from heart conditions, liver diseases or low blood pressure disease, using this type of pain reliever should be put under discussion with your personal physician.

Although a highly reliable medication with low risks of interaction with other drugs and limited side effects, one could encounter light nausea, light head aches, milf stomach pain or sensation of dizziness. Also, in very rare cases, more serious side effects could appear. Confusion, Insomnia, drowsiness, itching, etc.

See the instructions in the box for more information regarding the side effects, over dose and interactions.

Store and safe usage

Buy Butalbital only from authorized sellers, sealed in original packages and always with the expiry date clearly visible. Do not administrate Butalbital to young children, animals or sick persons. Store in cool and dry places, away from extreme heat, humidity or direct sunlight. Never dispose in clean waters and always store in the original box.